Tire Repairs in Togo


Back in April, we heard about the Hospital of Hope in Mango, Togo, West Africa that was in need of some help in acquiring a tire machine. This tire machine would be used by the hospital staff and local community residents to maintain the few vehicles they have in their remote location. The roads are very rough and the wear and tear on tires is significant.  The journey required to get new replacement tires and parts literally takes months.


GCF partnered with O’Reilly Auto Parts to purchase the tire machine and get it loaded onto the truck for it’s long journey from central Iowa to Togo.

In July, we heard that the tire changer made it to the main hospital and was on the last leg of it’s journey! It’s took from April to July to get there.


We hope it eases the burden of the residents in the community to make their lives just a little easier.