Helping Jessica

Jessica Henry,photo 1 (3) 35, is a single mother of 4 children. She works full-time for Story County Community Life Program in Ames, IA, as a residential assistant in a group home for adults with disabilities.

Jessica’s mother contacted us after seeing an interview for our Monsters’ Ball event last year, to see if we could help Jessica. She was worried that Jessica’s 17 year-old van with 220,000 miles, bald tires and in need of a tune-up wouldn’t make it through the winter. Without the van working, there was no way to get to work each night to make money to provide for her children, and no way to take them to doctor and physical therapy appointments, which she was doing for her daughter, twice a week.

Joleen, Dan and his daughters, Natalie and Courtney, met Jessica shortly before Christmas, 2013. Jessica wrote to us about her experience. She said,

“They are wonderful, giving people. They contacted me to meet them to get new tires on my van before the bad weather struck. The entire way to meet them I was in tears. It warms my heart that someone who barely knows me could care enough to want to help. After the tires were put on my van, I couldn’t tell you how amazing that felt. Just driving home I had a huge weight off my shoulders. My tires that were on my van before were so bare it was scary to drive. I was smiling like a fool the entire way home. I feel a sense of relief driving to work since the new tires have been put on. My van is old, needs lots of work and just recently needs brakes, but I am so grateful for the tires, if that was the only thing fixed on it, it would be enough…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”

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