Give Local Campaign Today

On May 6th 2014, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59:59 p.m., our nonprofit is participating in Give Local America – Give Local Everywhere. Every donation will be stretched further if you donate to our organization through

We hope you will consider supporting us on May 6th! Your donation will go a long way in helping us continue to help our local communities through compassionate acts of kindness.

Please help us spread the word and share this with your friends and family. Every dollar raised is used to help provide acts of compassion and kindness for the betterment or our community and our future generations.

Arvada family gets much needed assistance

Generations of Compassion was introduced to Margaret and her family through the Arvada Food Bank in Arvada, Colorado.

Margaret is originally from California, where she had been married and was the victim of a violent relationship.  One night, her husband attempted to take her life by stabbing her 27 times and then taking his own life.  Margaret was left caring for her large family of 14 (her 6 children, a grandson, a niece and her two children, another niece, and a nephew). Her father, who lived in Colorado, was her source of support and strength, until he passed away in the last year.  Margaret moved her family from California to Colorado to take care of her father’s affairs and burial, moving the large family into her father’s 2 bedroom trailer home, where they work together to make a warm and loving home.

The children range in age from 2 to 24, with Margaret and the older children working outside the home to help provide for the family’s needs.  Margaret is a very shy, humble and proud woman, whose care and concern for the children is always her first priority.

Generations of Compassion met with Margaret and her adult niece, Jessica, to help provide much needed food for the family and warms coats and gloves for the children.  We were able to provide Margaret with food to last them for several weeks, coats and gloves for the 9 younger children.  Through the kind donations of our supporters, we were also able to ensure there were presents for the youngest children under the Christmas tree for the holiday.

Margaret and her family have touched our GCF family and are paying it forward by volunteering with our family at Generations of Compassion and helping others in need.

Support for a Local Soup Kitchen


Samantha, a college student, was interested in paying it forward in her local college community, so she began volunteering at the local Soup Kitchen where she helps prepare and serve meals to others in the local community that need a hot meal.  Through her volunteer work at the Soup Kitchen, she has met many new friends and looks forward to seeing them every week with a big smile.

Parks Community Thanksgiving – Volunteering

GCF volunteers continued their annual tradition of volunteering for the Parks Community Thanksgiving dinner.  There were 14 of us, who helped prepare meals for delivery to the Des Moines area and also helped serve those who came in to Chuck’s to eat their meal.

According to the Parks Community Thanksgiving committee we helped prepare and serve 3700 meals to those who wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving meal.

It was a great way to help the community and there was still time for a late afternoon family meal and fellowship.

Monsters’ Ball 2013

We raised funds to help more families and individuals, got the word out about our organization and having a blast while we did it.

Thank you to all our volunteers, who worked hard to make it fun!

Thank you to all who attended and supported us!

We learn each time we hold Monsters’ Ball and are already making plans to make next year better than ever with continued focus to make it a fun family friendly event.

Check out picture gallery to see some of the monsters, ghosts and ghouls in attendance.

Scottie’s Smile

Scottie Brown is a family man.  He’s a husband and father of two teenagers living in central Iowa working as a property manager and maintenance man.  Things haven’t always been so normal for Scottie.  He’s had to work hard to get where he is and with the love and support of his wife of seven years, he’s on his way to continue this path. 

You see, Scottie’s biological mother was a heavy drug addict.  When he was 18 months old, his mother went to prison and he was adopted becoming the youngest of six children.   During his childhood, he was bullied and often felt that he just didn’t fit in.  At the age of eleven he stole for the first time.  His parents were strict with him and after finding out he was adopted from a brother when he was twelve, the feeling of not fitting in continued to grow.   At sixteen, Scottie ran away to Des Moines.

Scottie became involved in burglaries and car thefts.  This is also when his meth addiction began.  Scottie was in an out of prison for 12 years.   At one point, he was in solitary confinement for five months and did some real soul searching.  He knew he didn’t want to continue down the same path he’d been traveling.  When he got out in 2005, he met Bambi.  He says, “She nurtured, supported, loved and accepted me.” 

But it wasn’t easy to change directions.  Scottie was living out of a duffel bag and sleeping on friends’ couches or on the street.  He relapsed, which got him back into jail for a parole violation.  Bambi visited Scottie in jail.  During a furlough, Scottie proposed.  Bambi and Scottie were married in a half-way house in 2006.  Scottie became the father of Bambi’s five and six-year old children. 

For the last seven years, Scottie hasn’t used meth.  He went through treatment a couple years ago for alcohol and has done well since then.

Scottie came to us asking for assistance with getting his smile back.  His meth addiction took a toll on his teeth.  He was missing seven, another was broken and needing repair, while others were loose or needed old fillings replaced.  Scottie was very self-conscious and never smiled in pictures.  He was embarrassed for his kids when their friends were around. 

GCF worked with a local dentist to get Scottie in to see what could be done.  After multiple appointments and much discomfort on Scottie’s part, Scottie has a smile that fits his outlook on life.

Scottie and his family already practice paying it forward.  When his family is out, they will pay for a stranger’s coffee or give a few dollars to someone looking hard on their luck needing food.  Scottie said, “I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like to live on the street.” 

When asked how he would continue with acts of compassion, Scottie replied, “Pass it on.”

Many thanks to Dr. David Berning and his staff for helping us get Scottie’s teeth repaired.

Monsters’ Ball 2012

When Austin had to have double hip replacements at the age of 25, our family and friends rallied to help him and his family raise funds to help pay for medical bills and to keep their household afloat while he was out of work on disability prior to and during recovery after the surgeries. We were able to raise more than $7500.00 to help them out. When we found out how successful we could be as a collective group, we were determined to make sure that Generations of Compassion Foundation was a success so that we could continue the legacy.