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September Baseball with the Miracle League

GCF volunteers once again spent a Saturday afternoon playing baseball at the Kiwanis Miracle League in Des Moines, IA.

Saturday, September 23rd was a hot one, but it didn’t stop the fun!  Volunteers were in the field as buddies of players assisting, as needed, to ensure everyone were able to play ball.

This has become a favorite volunteer day for us.  Everyone leaves with a smile from participating with these enthusiastic players and their pure enjoyment of the game.

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A Compassionate Thanksgiving

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As many of us spend time with our families and share a meal together on Thanksgiving, let’s all remember there are many people in our community, state, country, and world who are less fortunate.

Some may not have family close by, others may not have enough money for a meal and others have nowhere to live.

Let’s all give thanks for all we have today, and start a conversation at the family table on how we can show compassion for others and lend a hand to our fellow human beings.

Angels In the Outfield

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GCF volunteers spent part of their Saturday of Memorial Day weekend playing baseball at the Kiwanis Miracle League in Des Moines, IA.


Eighteen of us had the pleasure of sharing in the delight and enthusiasm of the Miracle League players, family and supporters. Some of us were buddies of the players, others helped in the concession stand. Although our two youngest volunteers, Kai and Rylee, couldn’t help on the field, they helped pick-up trash and keep things tidy.


For anyone wanting a volunteer experience where you get as much as you give, this is a wonderful place to do it. The interaction and genuine fun of helping these kids play baseball is a great pleasure.

A GCF Trifecta!

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One of our younger volunteers, Kai, helps sort cans and bottles donated by John Deere.


A triple bonus!

♥ Helping the earth

♥ Helping GCF with funds

♥ So we can keep helping those in our communities who need it.


What’s not to love about that?

Lending a Hand

DSC_0003On Saturday, April 18, GCF assisted a dear friend and supporter. Jerry lost his wife this winter after a series of health issues and asked for our help in moving and organizing her sewing, cross-stitching, quilting, and craft supplies and tools. We tackled the task with gusto, support, compassion, and love; with even the youngest volunteers doing their share to complete the job with enough time to visit awhile before leaving. The supplies and tools will be sold in a garage sale with the proceeds being donated later this spring.

Photo taken by Joleen Vento

Field Trip Day for Shelter Dogs


During their vacation in Kauai, two of our volunteers, Becky and Kelly, had the opportunity to volunteer with the local Humane Society. The Kauai Human Society offers a shelter dog field trip program. With this program, volunteers are able to take shelter dogs that are spayed/neutered and over 6 months old out for the day. By providing these field trip experiences for these shelter dogs, the animals receive exercise and affection, while the volunteers have an amazing experience exploring the island with a fun loving dog. The dogs are provided with ‘Adopt Me’ vests that are worn and help advertise the pet for adoption outside of the shelter. Our volunteers met Myra and Sienna and took them out for a day of seeing the island. Myra and Sienna were great sightseeing partners. They enjoyed a walk in a local park and lunch by the water. Becky shared, “It was an amazing experience sharing our vacation with these special dogs and this great program.”



2015 – Year of the Volunteer


“Your life is your message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring.” ~Unknown

Generations of Compassion of Foundation was started to provide and foster compassion, tolerance and humanity for future generations. In Mom’s words, “These are life learned lessons like no other!! After all, all that you leave in this world to your loved ones is your legacy- not money (spent too soon) or things you probably didn’t want anyway, but how to share, care, love unconditionally and good times spent together.” A small group of committed family and friends came together to make a difference; set an example for their children and grandchildren; and with every small act, improve humanity. We have experienced tears of compassion and joy, frustration when we couldn’t do more, and great inspiration in each small act of compassion we’ve been able to provide.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”     ~Helen Keller

The greatest challenge we face as an organization and in being the older generation is involving our younger generations in acts of compassion so we can teach them while encouraging the involvement of our community. In 2015, this is our focus. We will provide acts of compassion through volunteerism – acts that require our time, our hearts, across generations within our communities. We are planning acts throughout the year, large and small, that will bring together young and not-so-young to work together. We will partner with other organizations, we will reach out to involve more volunteers, we will help to better humanity and set the example for the next generations. I’m sure there will be more tears of joy, compassion, and empathy as well!

“A single act of kindness is like a drop of oil on a patch of dry skin – seeping, spreading, and affecting more than the original need.”
~Richelle E. Goodrich

As we move forward each new friend who joins us; each grandparent, niece, nephew, and child who helps; each small act we can provide is a new drop of compassion ‘oil’ on the world– seeping in, healing, restoring. It is our time; time to encourage, applaud, and empower compassion in a world of violence, indifference, and greed. This is what we carry in our hearts. This is our legacy.

“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” ~Goethe

With Compassion,toni
Toni Backstrom
Generations of Compassion Foundation

Clean-up effort at Ft. Logan

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Saturday morning, January 24, was a beautiful Colorado morning, crisp and sunny. Our Generations of Compassion volunteers met the day ready to support the clean-up of holiday wreaths and other decorations from the Ft. Logan National Cemetery.


The annual clean-up of the holiday wreaths and decorations normally takes groundskeepers at Fort Logan National Cemetery more than a week to accomplish. GCF teamed up with volunteers from several other organizations to complete the clean-up much faster.


Our volunteer time spent cleaning up the cemetery was made more special with the opportunity to honor the burial site of the brother of one of our volunteers. It was truly a special day for all our volunteers and a very special way for Generations of Compassion to say ‘Thank You’ to all our veterans and their families for their service and dedication to our country.


Volunteers: Becky Snethen, Jim Snethen, Caleb Snethen, Renee Iantorno, Maryellen LanFranco, Yasuko Armstead, and Connie Pontarelli.


For more information about Ft. Logan National Cemetery, click here.

A Grocery Expedition

DSC_0213On Saturday, October 25th, we took time out of our Monsters’ Ball prep to help Russell with some needed groceries for him and his disabled brother, to get them through until Russell gets a paycheck from his new job.

Sometimes, needs can’t be met with formal assistance for one reason or another.  Times like these are when we all can use a helping hand.  We are so very glad we could help Russ and his brother!