Who We Are

Vision Statement:
Generations of Compassion Foundation is creating a more compassionate world, one act of kindness at a time!

Mission Statement:
Generations of Compassion Foundation is committed to creating a more compassionate world by providing assistance to individuals and families in need. We strive to encourage growth, development, and a commitment to the betterment of humanity for future generations.

Our Journey:
Our story began many years ago with our mom.  She believed that life goes by so fast and everyone is so busy that families don’t really get to know each other or enjoy the stories and sharing that make family so special.

We set aside a long weekend each year for our families to come together to play, laugh, make music, challenge each other in games, take care of each other and volunteer to help others. We began giving out awards for some unwanted behavior as well as excelling, in an atmosphere of caring and respect.  We celebrate the successes and help each other learn to change the unbecoming behaviors with grace in a loving atmosphere.

In Mom’s words, “These are life learned lessons like no other!!  After all, all that you leave in this world to your loved ones is your legacy- not money (spent too soon) or things you probably didn’t want anyway, but how to share, care, love unconditionally and good times spent together.”

Generations of Compassion Foundation is our legacy to our families, our community, our world.  Help others with grace, caring and respect and teach the future generations how it’s done.

Toni and husband, Jon Backstrom, moved back to Iowa in 2011 with their 2 kids and 2 big hooligan dogs. While they love the adventures in Colorado and New Mexico, it was time to move home. Toni works full-time for an educational publishing company, now only dabbles in politics, and is a yoga instructor. She enjoys spending time with family and friends; attending volleyball, lacrosse, and baseball games; and giving back.

Becky is married and lives in Colorado with her husband, Jim.  She grew up in Waukee, Iowa and moved to Colorado in 1997.  She works full time as a Senior IT Manager for a financial services company.  Becky graduated from Upper Iowa University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Management.  Her passion is helping others, and she enjoys the theatre and vacationing in her spare time

Kelly is married to Pat Smith.  Together they have 2 sons and are enjoying life as grandparents.   Kelly grew up in Waukee and currently resides in rural Warren county.  She has a BA degree from Simpson College in Mass Communication.  When not working as an area manager for a telecommunications company; she enjoys photography, her grandchildren, the country life and helping others.

Joleen Vento grew up and lives in Waukee, Iowa. She is raising her twin boys while staying close to her family. She works full time as a Sr. Analyst, Business Consultant for a top 100 Insurance company. Joleen graduated from William Penn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Leadership. She enjoys helping others and seeing them smile, raising her boys, as well as, spending time with family and good friends.

Kari lives in Jacksonville, Fl with her two children, Kristen and Zachary.  She is an accounting and finance manager with a financial services company.  She graduated from Columbus State University with a bachelors degree in business.  She and her family enjoy lacrosse, trivia, and travel.

Cody is a working single father living in Iowa.  He grew up in the Kansas City area and moved back to central Iowa as a freshman, graduating from Indianola High School.  In his spare time Cody is a percussionist and enjoys the outdoors.

Amanda grew up and lives in Warren County, Iowa with her husband, daughter, dogs & cat. She graduated from Mercy College of Health Sciences and is a Registered Nurse MDS Coordinator for a Senior Health Center in Polk County, Iowa. She spends her free time doing the things she loves such as painting and creating various art projects, playing softball, & spending time with her family & friends.

Patrick, a.k.a. Smitty, grew up in Urbandale.  He is married to Kelly.  The family had a 13-year stint living in the Kansas City area and then moved back to rural Warren County, Iowa where he currently resides.  He loves his family, fishing and drums.

Marge is a retired Registered Nurse with a MS from Drake University and certification in Gerontology. I am married to Conrad and enjoy our family of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends.I received the Making The Difference Award for caring and small acts of kindness that make a difference for others.